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Our Services

We provide a very extensive range of services. Please find some details of these below (this list is not exhaustive) Feel free to ask if there is something else you require.

Cervical Smear Screening

We offer a full Cervical Screening Service. Please book appointments with one of our Nurses.

Child Health & Childhood Vaccinations

St Johns Surgery hold a drop-in baby clinic every Wednesday morning between 08.00 and 12.00 for vaccinations.

A Health Visitor is also available from 09.30 until 11.00 on the ground floor, providing a drop-in clinic for weight assessment and advice.

GP appointments for developmental checks are available each week (other than 1st week in a Month) for the 6-8 week baby checks.

For patients of our branch, Wychbold Surgery, we hold a baby clinic on the 1st Friday in a Month from 09.30 to 12.00. This is a drop-in to see the Health Visitor only.

For Wychbold baby vaccinations, please book a Wednesday AM nurse appointment. Alternatively, you can take your child to the St Johns Surgery baby clinic (details above)

We offer a full range of childhood immunisations.


Counselling appointments are not in-house but available via GP referral.


Dr Bailey is our lead in Dermatology.

Disease Management Clinics

We run specific clinics to manage chronic diseases such as:

  • Asthma – Dr Clamp
  • Diabetes – Dr Hughes, Dr Miskin & Sr Crimmons
  • Heart Disease & Stroke – Dr Heath & Sr Bamford
  • Epilepsy – Dr Miskin
  • Mental Illness – Dr Hughes

You may be invited to our “Vascular Clinic” for monitoring of your condition(s) The Vascular Clinic provides services for; Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Kidney Disease and Stroke & TIA.

We also work with other local services helping patients overcome drug and alcohol addiction – Dr Heath is our lead in this area.

Family Planning

We provide all forms of contraception including; coils, implants and “morning after” methods.

Appointments for family planning can be made in a Nurse appointment from Monday to Friday.

Dedicated clinics are held specifically for; IUS, IUD and Nexplanon fits on a Monday or Thursday (and on the 1st Wednesday of every month) with Drs. Miskin, Hawkins or Goldby.

Health Checks (Over 40s)

The NHS Health Check programme is for adults in England aged between 40 and 74.

The Surgery is offering Health Checks to well patients over 40, specifically those who are not seen by the Surgery in our Vascular Clinics (Chronic Disease Clinics)

Please request an appointment through Reception.


We offer all current NHS Immunisations free of charge to eligible patients including:

  • Tetanus
  • Influenza
  • Pneumococcal

INR/Warfarin Monitoring

We provide a full INR monitoring service for patients taking Warfarin.

INR appointments can be booked at any time – Monday to Friday, excluding Monday’s from 10:30 to 14:00. This is when we visit our housebound, warfarin patients.

Maternity Care

All our doctors are qualified to provide pregnancy care.  Appointments are available in surgeries daily.

Community Midwives see our patients at both St Johns Surgery and Wychbold Surgery.

Tommy’s – Planning for Pregnancy Tool

Minor Operations & Joint Injections

We perform Minor Operations including:

  • Electrocautery & Cryocautery every week
  • Dr Heath and Dr Bailey lead most surgical procedures
  • Dr Heath offers joint injections


You can have all the blood tests we request done at the Surgery (some exceptions)


You can be referred to a Physiotherapist via a GP.

Private Services

Some services are not available on the NHS and have to be paid for.  Where there is a charge, you will be advised of the cost in advance:

  • Medicals for: HGV, PSV, Taxi, Insurance, Employment, Sports & other
  • Examinations for: Solicitors (e.g. after a road accident or an assault)
  • Insurance Claim Forms: Including healthcare insurance
  • Certificates: Passport, Shotgun & Private Fitness to Work Certificates
  • Travel: Some travel services
  • Letters: Various letters that are not referrals to hospital 


Travel Overview

We offer all necessary travel vaccines, general advice on travel and malaria prophylaxis.

Whilst some travel vaccines are available free on the NHS, we charge for other vaccines and travel services.

Travel requirements are constantly changing and so we only offer travel services in the dedicated travel clinic.

Travel Clinic

  • Travel appointments should be made 4 weeks prior to your holiday as vaccinations take 10 days to provide immunity
  • Please complete & return a travel form at least 1 week prior to your travel appointment
  • You may hand-in a completed form to our reception or post back to St Johns Surgery for the attention of travel nurses (who will undertake a travel risk assessment prior to your appointment

Note – If you are planning a more adventurous holiday (for example, a backpacking trip) then you should attend a travel appointment 6 months prior to your travels. This is because some immunisations require a more complex course of vaccinations.

Travel – Pre Travel Questionnaire Form (or collect a form at St Johns, Reception)

Yellow Fever

St Johns Surgery is a Yellow Fever Centre and receives patients from across the country.

For this service, it is necessary that you complete a ‘Yellow Fever – Patient Services Form’ and return this to the Surgery at least 48 hours before your Yellow Fever appointment.

Yellow Fever – Patient Services Form (to complete)

For information – during your appointment, the below form will be completed by a Nurse. You do not need to complete this Vaccination form ahead of your appointment but may want to view in preparation.

Yellow Fever – Vaccination Form (for information only)

How to return forms

  • Drop-in completed forms to: St Johns Surgery, Reception (1st Floor)
  • Post to: St Johns Surgery, BHI Parkside, Stourbridge Road, Bromsgrove, Worcs, B61 0AZ
  • If you have scanning facilities, print and complete the form (it must be signed) and email to: 

Weight Management

Ronnie Beard (HCA) is our lead.