New Patients

The Doctors welcome new patients who live within our practice area. You can check to see if you are within our catchment by using the ‘Check Postcode’ tool and Map below.

As it often takes some time for records to be forwarded from your former practice, all newly registered patients will be asked to complete a health questionnaire.

Please Note:

You must type your postcode without a space (otherwise the search function will not work)

Do you live in a new build property? If so, the ‘Check Postcode’ tool may not work for you (Google update the postcodes) Instead, navigate the map using the drag and zoom options. Locate the exact area of your home. The shaded map area with clearly defined boundary border is our catchment area.

Medical treatment is available from the date of registration. Please contact Reception for further information.

If you have an NHS Medical Card or letter (this will show a 10-digit NHS number) – please bring this with you when you register.

Existing Patient Registration

Have you changed your address or telephone numbers? Please ask Reception for a ‘change of address’ form.

If you’re waiting for a Hospital appointment, please remember to inform them also.